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OPTIMUS NOVA+  - The new king of multifuel expedition stoves.

The Nova can show you awards. It can prove its legendary status. But all you really want is a good, warm meal when your stomach is crying for mercy. The compact, lightweight Nova workhorse comes to the rescue everywhere you go, from high-altitude treks to family campouts. As the benchmark for today’s multi-fuel expedition stoves, the single-jet Nova has a patented, quick-priming burner and a self-purging aluminum pump. Precise simmer control assures the stew cooks evenly while you’re setting up your shelter. And when you are in remote places, its multi-fuel option gives you the reliable flexibility you need so you can count on a warm meal before crawling into the sack to wish on a shooting star.



  • Multi-fuel expedition stove with Optimus PowerlineTM for safe and precise flame control
  • Integrated MAGICTM cleaning needle for quick and easy cleaning of the jet – even during cooking
  • Durable aluminum pump and quick-action connections for more safety and convenience
  • Self purging FLIPSTOP™ pump clears the burner of fuel and depressurizes the fuel bottle
  • Patented quick priming burner requires less preheating and saves fuel
  • Burns all types of fuel - using same burner jet
  • Wind shield for increased performance
  • Thanks to the collapsible turbine shaped pot support and a folding flame control the pack size is minimal
  • Despite the small format Optimus Nova+ offers stability for large sized pots


  • Fuel: White gas, paraffin, diesel, jet fuel, unleaded petrol
  • Burning time: Up to 2.5 h at full output (with 450 ml fuel)
  • Cooking time:  For 1 l water approx. 3,5 minutes
  • Output:  Watt: 2850 BTU: 9725
  • Weight: 430 g
  • Dimensions:  125 x 80 x ø 65 mm
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Material: Stainless steel, brass, aluminum
  • Accessories: Pump, wind shield, multitool, stuff bag, spare parts and lubricant


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