Grower's Cup Ethiopia



The Ethiopia is a natural coffee from the Gerdaja Forest which is known for it's fruity character.

The Ethiopia is an almost floral like aroma with mild and fruity flavours. It has smooth and pleasant acidity and a creamy aftertaste.

100% ground coffee. 

The Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer is a clever hybrid between a filter coffee brewer and a French Press, weighing next to nothing and easily disposed of with little harm to the environment.

  • 1 x 20 g / 0.71 oz. pouches
  • Each pouch serves 2 cups
  • Organic Coffee, Fairtrade Certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ria Stevens
A taste of luxury

I bought this coffee for my first wild camp as I love a good cup first thing in the morning. It smelt amazing and as good as any filtered coffee I have had before. It was strong but didn't taste earthy as some coffees can do. I had it without milk and I got a good kick of flavour. I will definitely be buying this again for my next wild camp.

barry cook

excellent product .... great for lightweight camping ... easy to use and tastes very good. be careful as it closes a bit as you pour the boiling water in so I stood it on the ground.

Very nice coffee

I Prefer very strong coffee as I have quite a lot of milk or cream so I let this brew for the stated time then poured it back into pouch and let it filter a second time.
If you drink yours black though, 1 filtering should be fine, then the grounds may be good for a second use later if you double filter that time, certainly worth a try if you drink a lot of coffee or just want 2 large cups for 2 people, or 1 extra large from the off to get your morning fix.
Added sugar & plenty powdered creamer and it was very nice, got hints of the flavours mentioned but as a smoker I reckon they'll be stronger for non smokers.
Take care pouring hot water in as pouch top doesn't stay open very wide, so you need to hold & squeeze the sides whilst pouring, but no problem so long as you go slowly.
Pouches are a genius idea and easy to clean for reuse with your own blend.
For the great price of these I also got a Columbian & Brazilian to try but not used yet, however once used I'll have 3 reusable pouches which will hopefully last all next year or longer, as never know if they'll still be available.
Highly recommend these so get some while still available as I've never seen them in the UK before. Also can't beat Base Camp Food for service & value.

Nelly Bott
Aroma, easy to use

Love the scent, I brewed once during my tea break during covid pandemic, one charity company delivered some at the hospital where I worked, I decided to buy some more: I bought all 3 types and they all have amazing scents. I like the idea of reusing it without losing it flavour, obliviously the third time, I had to let it brew with less water and little longer. I think the price is also reasonable and the delivery was in time and nicely packaged. Thanks you

Cup Ethiopia

Very please with the quality of the coffee an excellent product

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