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The First Vegan Meal!

Our friends at LYO Expedition food have created the first freeze-dried 100% vegan meal ever! This tasty barley and lentil risotto, with avocado mousse is both lightweight and nutritious. If you are looking for a 100% vegan camping meal then this is the answer. Combining lentils, red pepper, pearl barley, avocado and leek, flavoured with lemon, parsley, oregano and sea salt you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this one!

Our range of LYO meals, fruits and soups – exclusive to Base Camp Food in the UK - are becoming increasingly popular with new and existing customers, but what makes it so special?

LYO use only 100% natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives added. LYO even grow many of their own herbs in their fields.

Many other meals mix the ingredients after they have been cooked separately – LYO cook their meals and then freeze dry, meaning their lightweight expedition food has the taste of a homemade dish.

The freeze drying process used means the meals are high energy with a high calorie count. It also keeps all of the food’s natural vitamins and minerals giving great nutritional value. The process also removes 98% of the moisture content meaning the meals are lightweight and compact.

LYO Expedition foods also check their meals are safe twice – both after the cooking process and after the freeze drying process to ensure the highest safety standards.

Perfect for all backpacking meals, expedition food and lightweight camping meals – LYO food is simple to prepare:

  • Tear off the top of the pouch above the zip lock
  • Remove the oxygen absorber
  • Add hot water and stir
  • Close the zip for 5 minutes
  • Open, Eat and Enjoy!

It’s no wonder that our customers love LYO!

James Gardener
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D-Day Canoe Challenge

Base Camp Food are delighted to be supporting The Normandy Klepper Challenge.

The challenge sees six brave men (five former Soldiers and a friend) embarking on an epic mission to paddle 200 kilometres across the English Channel to France, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day and to raise money for six charities: Hereford Garrison Clock Tower Fund, the Royal British Legion, H4Heroes, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Hereford Hospital Special Baby Care Unit and the AMAR Foundation.

The group will set out on Wednesday 4th June, in 3 x 2 man canoes, to navigate from Portland, England, across the English Channel to Arromanche Les Bains, France; a journey which will require them to endure 2 nights at sea in their canoes and negotiate the “busiest shipping lane in the world.”  They plan to land at “Gold” beach by first light on Friday the 6th of June!

The Normandy Klepper Challenge team have explained that:

“The common theme between what the team will do and what the men did 70 years ago, is one of individual and team endeavour for the wider benefit of others.”

In a truly fitting demonstration of British endeavour, the team’s aim is primarily to pay respect to the thousands of men who sailed from England for the benefit of future generations in Europe, in so doing they hope to raise as much money as possible for their charities.

Make sure you visit their website to find out more information about the route, kit and charities that they are sponsoring.

We will also be keeping you up-to-date on their progress but for now, good luck to The Normandy Klepper Challenge Team with their training!

Lucy Gardener
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Peak Mountaineering Guest Blog

Some time ago we made links with a new supplier of expedition food (and related expedition cooking accessories) called Base Camp Food.  They kindly supplied us with some products for one of our Peak Mountaineering Friendly Friday Giveaways and also offered to join our Retailer Discount Scheme.  As we have a policy that all products or services we offer have been road tested before we allow them to be unleashed on our clients, I faced the not so arduous job of…..eating some food!    However, testing expedition food has far more relevance when it's done in challenging conditions because, in addition to what it tastes like, the ease of preparation is a crucial factor in it's suitability.  A recent expedition to the Hossa Wilderness Area in Finland offered the perfect testing ground.....
Lucy Gardener
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Lighter Days - More Time Outdoors!

Where has the year gone? The Base Camp Team can't believe it is nearly March already!

We are currently working on bringing you more products; from adding to our fantastic lightweight cookware and stoves range - to sourcing more freeze dried food.

Lucy Gardener
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Base Camp Food Taste Test!

I've been looking forward to trying the LYO Expedition Mexican Dish for a while. It is one of chief taster Laura's favourites and I've been waiting for an excuse to take myself off in to the Peak District for a night and tuck in!

This is one of the award winning range from LYO Expedition, for which we are proud to be the only UK stockist. The food is lightweight, easy to prepare and usually very tasty.

As always, my Vargo titanium spork came along too!



It's simply a case of adding the dried mixture to about half a pint of boiling water and leaving (if you can) for 8-10 minutes - give it a quick stir and it's ready!

Once ready, it looked appetising and smelt great.

The dish is made up primarily of chicken, rice, sweetcorn and kidney beans and comes together in a sauce. It is not too spicy but has good chilli and paprika flavour. If I was eating this at home I would probably add a little more spice. The chicken tastes like the excellent quality we come to expect from LYO and as always it tastes great and was warming and wholesome.

I took a standard size portion with me and, after a 4-5 hour hike this was perfect for one. At 93 grams, it is relatively lightweight and contains 360Kcals. As with all LYO food, the ingredients are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial additives.

For a full day out in the mountains the larger size may work better but it depends on your appetite (equally the larger size would be good for two to share for as lunch stop). This one weighs in at 126 grams with 488Kcals. 




James Gardener
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Base Camp Food's First Christmas

The team are really looking forward to Base Camp Food's first Christmas. So, in preparation, we have all come up with our favourite items that we would love to have waiting for us wrapped up under the Christmas tree on the 25th December!


It was difficult to choose which were our favourite items but we managed to decide on a few ranging from a Spork, Energy Fuel to a Titanium Stove.

These are the favourites for the Base Camp Food team's Christmas list:


Why not tell us which of our products you would like for Christmas and why? - Maybe for an expedition in 2014? Let us know!


An early Merry Christmas!


Lucy (and the rest of the Base Camp Food team)

Lucy Gardener
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Base Camp Food's First Week

So, we have arrived at the end of our first week. Thank you for all of your support so far! We hope our products will help towards ensuring you have enough fuel right up to the end of your future expeditions!

As our previous blog mentioned, we are delighted to be able to offer you lots of high energy, tasty, free from preservatives and artificial additives meals from LYO Expedition. We also have lots of other fantastic products from a variety of brands.

Why not take a peek at our BeWell Expediton Food range? BeWell Expedition Food is a British based company that specialise in freeze dried meals and ready to eat wet meals. All have high energy and a long shelf life so they are perfect to take on challenging expeditions, or ones where your timings may change. We are big fans of the Be-Well Expedition meals and we are not the only ones as these products are used, and endorsed, by Sir Ranulph Fiennes!

If you are after food to help you undertake extreme activities then Extreme Adventure Food may well be the product for you. The main meals feature large portion sizes with 800Kcals, so they are able to provide you with lots of fuel for even the toughest activities. Even though the meals are packed with energy they usually weigh in at around 160g so they are lightweight as well. Extreme Adventure Food also have some fantastic energy fuel products that are easy to digest and provide instant energy, they also taste pretty good too.

Another one of our brands that we are really pleased to be working with is Beyond The Beaten Track, which was produced by a British family run business that has been established for more than 110 years and are a recommended supplier for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The meals can be eaten hot or cold, require no refrigeration and have a long shelf life. So if you are looking for food to take camping, climbing, hiking, yachting, fishing and any other outdoor activity then the Beyond The Beaten Track products are a perfect choice.

Or another favourite for outdoor enthusiasts is our Mountain House products. Originating from the US, Mountain House have now brought their brand to Europe with a fantastic range of tasty freeze dried meals that are lightweight, convenient, nutritious and have a long shelf life of 4 to 5 years. Backpackers, hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts have been enjoying Mountain House freeze dried food for over 40 years. Prepared from quality ingredients, Mountain House give you the delicious meal you deserve after a strenuous day of outdoor activities.

Now, with all the choice of fantastic, high energy, lightweight food you may be thinking you some cookware to go with it. We also have a fantastic range of ultralight, ultra durable stoves and cookware. These range from your humble, yet vital, Vargo Titanium Spork – to the mighty Evernew Titanium Ultralight Alcohol Stove.

So from food, energy fuel, cookware to stoves – Base Camp Food really do cater for everything you need to keep refuelled on your expeditions. Helping you eat, drink and explore.

Lucy Gardener
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LYO Expedition - Base Camp Food's UK Exclusive

As you may have noticed, we are rather excited to be bringing LYO Expedition to the UK where it will be exclusively available from Base Camp Food. With the help of a team of nutritional specialists, using state of the art technology, LYO Expedition has developed balanced freeze-dried meals. These are at a minimum weight but with maximum nutritional value, without any preservatives or artificial additives! Not only this, but they are also really delicious and you can get a variety of products from a Chocolate Morning- to a warming dish of Farfalle with Gorgonzola and Spinach Sauce- then maybe followed by a plate of Strawberries? All of which are delivered to you packaged in their lightest weight form possible so you can enjoy your food without having to carry around unnecessary weight first.


A Little Bit About How LYO Expedition Came To Be

In the beginning there was Lyovit. Who just happened to be one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables with over twenty years of experience on the market. Their products were created to cater for the needs of climbers, sailors, backpackers and other extreme sportsmen. Lyovit then decided to expand and, using its revolutionary technology and know- how to, launched the first line of freeze-dried meals in 1998. The product was named “Lyofood” and received a very warm welcome.

As demand for these healthy and tasty freeze- dried meals grew, Lyofood began to develop a new international expansion strategy. The brand Lyofood was separated from its Mother Company and re-introduced as LYO FOOD. With a new design, new packaging and the proven quality LYO FOOD then launched its new product line called:



The ideas and the outdoor experience of LYO FOOD combined with the know-how and the technology of Lyovit, perfectly created exceptional products.

It is these products that we are delighted to be able to exclusively offer you now. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and as much as the judges form the Gold Out Door Industry award, who said:

“These freeze-dried meals are the tastiest currently available on the market. LYO Expedition offers a delicious variety of different tastes, even freeze-dried fruits are available. All the meals are free from preservatives and artificial additives. And the packaging has also been improved: it is now resealable."

They liked LYO Expedition so much that they awarded them the prestigious Gold Out Door Industry Award 2013 for best meals available on the market!

LYO Expedition food has already provided tasty fuel for many amazing expeditions including a climbing trip to Kyrgyzstan; A new climbing route, set in just twenty-Four days, at the Polish Sun Spire in Canada; A 700km climb to the highest mountain in southeast Greenland within thirty days; and they also fuelled Marek Kaminski and Jasiek Mela as the reached both the North and South Pole in one year!

So why not let it fuel your next expedition and don’t forget to let us know about it as we are always keen to hear about your adventures – wherever they may be!

Lucy Gardener
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Base Camp Blogging

Hi everyone!

It is all going on here at Base Camp Food HQ as we are getting ready for the big launch!

There has been a lot of sorting through our fantastic ranges to get them ready in time for next week, whilst resisting the urge to unpack all the amazing stoves and cookware we have in order to cook and eat all of the incredible products.

We have to say, the dishes are more than a little bit tempting. It has been a struggle for the team to save any for you guys!

Not only are the edible ranges incredibly lightweight, they are also packed with energy and flavour! We then have a fantastic collection of very light, and very strong, titanium cookware and stoves - so that you can prepare your food wherever you are, without having to carry any unnecessary weight. There is even a stove that ensures you will never have to carry stove fuel again! Yes, that is right, the Vargo Titanium "Hexagon" Wood Stove allows you to use easy-to-find, renewable fuel wherever your travels may take you. The only thing needed? just basic fire skills!

The team have also been busily putting the finishing touches to all our fantastic products and we are thrilled to be working with all of the brands. In particular, LYO Expedition Food is one of the brands we are delighted to be able to offer our customers as, not only are they brand new to the UK, but they are exclusively available at Base Camp Food! We are not the only ones who are passionate about their products, made with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial colours, they were awarded a gold award at the Outdoor Industry Awards at Friedrichshafen this year and continue to provide tasty breakfasts, filling meals and fruity snacks.

Well that is it from us for now, best get back to ensuring everything is ready in time for when we launch next week.

We promise we will save you some!

Lucy Gardener
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