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Expedition Food - High Energy, Lightweight Freeze Dried Meals

Expedition Food - High Energy, Lightweight Freeze Dried Meals

Expedition Foods is a very popular range at Base Camp Food. There is an extensive selection of lightweight freeze dried expedition meals. Three different energy options are available, up to 1000Kcal, making this one of our most versatile meal options.
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Wayfayrer - The Choice for DofE Expedition Food

The Duke of Edinburgh award is something a young person must experience at least once in their lifetime. This flexible programme helps to develop young people for life; pushing personal boundaries to gain new skills.

Each year, The Duke of Edinburgh give a list of recommended, designed to help challengers enjoy the adventure at full power and without adding too much weight to rucksacks. This year Wayfayrer is the food of choice for DofE and if you're not familiar with Wayfayrer yet, let us introduce the brand to you.

About Wayfayrer Expedition Food Packs 

Wayfayrer trusted by thousands of people

Recommended DofE Kit List

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