Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals - Why not try one today with free UK delivery!

Posted on May 21, 2016 by Laura Portelli

Base Camp Food have a great range of Mountain House meals. Mountain House meals have been the first choice for backpacking and camping meals for many years. Originating from the US, Mountain House meals sold in the UK are now manufactured here due to their rising popularity. Mountain House meals are freeze dried so are very lightweight and are available in main meals, desserts and breakfasts, with vegetarian and gluten free options.

Mountain House meals – high energy and lightweight

Great selection of meals

Selection of vegetarian Mountain House meals

Preparing Mountain House meals

Free UK Delivery on Mountain House meals


Mountain House meals – high energy and lightweight

Base Camp Food stock the full range of Mountain House meals. Mountain House meals are freeze dried which makes them very lightweight. A typical lightweight freeze dried Mountain House meal weighs only 100g before water is added meaning they are easy to carry whatever your adventure! The other reason Mountain House meals make a great option as a lightweight backpacking or camping meal is they are high energy, relative to the weight. Most Mountain House meals at Base Camp Food contain over 600Kcals of energy. This high energy to weight ration found in Mountain House meals means they are a good choice for wild camping and backpacking trips.Click here to see our full range of Mountain House freeze dried meals.


Wide range of Mountain House meals in stock

Base Camp Food has a widest range of freeze dried meals in the UK. Mountain House meals are no exception and we have the full range in stock in the UK. No matter what your taste is there will be a Mountain House meal for you! One of our most popular meals is our Why not try our Mountain House Spaghetti Bolognese which is minced beef, onion and tomato with Italian herbs. Another favourite is the Mountain House Chicken Tikka which is both tasty and lightweight. Like most of our Mountain House main meals it weighs only 100g dried and delivers over 500Kcal.


Good selection of vegetarian options…

As well as fab selection of Mountain House meat meals, Base Camp also stocks a tasty range of vegetarian Mountain House meals. Mountain House stands out amongst many types of freeze dried meal because of the number of vegetarian options available. Click here for our Mountain House macaroni cheese. This tasty vegetarian freeze dried meal contains three cheeses and is one of our best selling meals across our whole range! Another favourite is our Mountain House Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta - click here to take a look. If you prefer a vegetarian freeze dried meal with a bit more spice, why not try our Mountain House vegetable tikka click here to take a look at one of the favourite Mountain House meals with the Base Camp team!


Mountain House meals are easy to prepare…

Mountain House meals are very easy to prepare. The pouches they come in act as both the preparation dish and can also be used to eat from! Simple tear off the top of the packet and add the amount of hot water stated on the back of the packet. Reseal and leave to stand for around 10 minutes. Then give it a stir and then either serve on a camping plate or (much easier) eat straight from the packet. Click here if you need any cookware or utensils – we recommend using a long handle titanium spork!


Free delivery on Mountain House freeze dried meals

All our Mountain House meals have free UK delivery available. In fact, free UK delivery is available on all of our meals, stoves and cookware! Free delivery normally takes around 5 working days. If you need your Mountain House freeze dried food quicker then we have faster delivery options available. We also sell Mountain House meals across the EU where there is a delivery cost of £10. Please get in touch if you need any more information.


Don’t forget that Base Camp Food has a fantastic range of lightweight camping stoves and cookware and you can earn Base Camp reward points on all your purchases!

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